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Why do I need car insurance?

Whether you have a single car for personal use or a fleet for business use, car insurance is legally required in the state of Utah. The state takes a lack of insurance seriously. In order to avoid pricey insurance tickets, car impoundment, revoked vehicle registration, or a suspended license, be sure to comply to Utah state law by purchasing a qualified insurance policy.

Not only will having car insurance help you comply with Utah state law, it will also protect your personal assets. An insurance policy may cover repairs to your vehicle, the object you hit, or medical costs for yourself and others.

What are my coverage options?

The skeleton of every basic insurance policy in Utah should include five types of coverage: bodily injury liability, property damage liability, uninsured motorist, underinsured motorist and personal injury protection coverage (commonly known as “liability only”). Additional optional coverages, referred to as “full coverage”, include comprehensive, collision, rental reimbursement and towing reimbursement. Higher liability limits are also available.

Why do you ask for my social security number?

We need your claims and driving record history. The credit and SSN are optional but necessary to calculate the best rate by allowing us to check your driving record (MVR report) and your claim history (CLUE report). The credit check is known as a soft hit and has no effect on your credit score. All information given to Aspen Cove Insurance will be kept confidential so you can be worry free.
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