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Wedding Rings and Other Nice Things

Do you own a valuable wedding ring?  Or perhaps pricey musical instruments, expensive golf equipment, luxiourious fur coats or fine artwork?  Do you own a high priced gun or even some type of collectible item?

If you answered yes to any of the above, scheduling your property onto a home or renters policy might be right for you! 

Currently, in the event of a loss, most policies have caps on the above items.  For example, let's say your home is broken into and your $7,000 diamond wedding ring is stolen.  You decide to file a claim for the property damage and all the stolen property, including the ring.  Your policy may have a jewelery cap of $1,500.  In the event this loss actually occurred, you would only be able to collect on the $1,500 cap rather than the full value of the $7,000 wedding ring!

In order to avoid such a disastrous loss, scheduling items onto a policy is a wise solution.  The process is simple and typically requires an updated professional appraisal for the item you would like to schedule.  Once a copy of the appraisal is obtained by your insurance agent, the item can be added to your policy for an additional premium and the process is complete!

Call today for a hassle free quote on scheduling your valuables today!
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