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Why would you need flood insurance in Utah?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may want to consider flood insurance- even if you live in Utah!

Do you live in an area protected by a levee?

Do you live close to a river or stream?

Do you live downstream from a dam?

Do you live in snow country or in a desert?

One of the top causes of property damage is from natural disasters, including floods.  Most home insurance policies exclude flood damage as it is an additional coverage that must be purchased, just like earthquake insurance.

Often times we feel secure knowing we have never experienced a loss due to flood but that doesn't mean you are immune from experiencing such a loss.  Consider that it takes about a foot of water to be considered flood damage!  Factors to keep in mind which can cause flooding are rainfall, changes due to building and development, river flow data, topography and flood control measures.  About 40 percent of flood losses occur outside of the 100-year old flood plain and unfortunately, about 99 percent of these losses will not have a current flood policy in force. 

For the price of a couple specialty drinks a week, affordable coverage can be obtained!  For a free quote, call our Aspen Cove Insurance (801-431-7888) today! 

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