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Do you rent? Insure!

Many, who rent their home, might be tempted to say they do not own enough to validate purchasing renters insurance

Imagine, coming home one day to see your apartment building or house you are renting has had a fire and you have lost everything you own!  Your clothes, your furniture, your kitchen ware, your electronics and etc. completely destroyed!  Or perhaps you were victim of a burglary where a wedding ring and a firearm had been stolen!  In such a event, a hard lesson would be learned if you chose to not have a renters policy in place when such events occurred. 

Statistically, less than 50% percent of renters have renters insurance.  According to the National Association of Insurance, the average annual premium for a renters policy is $182 a year (the same price as a couple lunch combo meals a month!). 

Here at Aspen Cove Insurance, one of our agents will help you tailor the right coverage for your needs by helping you DECIDE how much coverage you need.  We will assist by helping you take a personal property inventory by adding up the value  of what it would cost to replace (this is key) the your items in today's dollar.  If you would like to do some research before calling for the quote, free software is available at to help with the process. 


1-  Once a policy is in force, keep inventory of your property by walking around your apartment with a video camera making sure to record all items including those in drawers and closets.  Also try to keep receipts from major purchases.  And remember to store the footage and receipts off the premises!  

2-  By packaging your car insurance with your renters insurance, you can also recieve a package discount!

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